Shabbos menu

Out for lunch for a change - nice, brave people from shul who are willing to have us all over at once!
So here's Supper:
Soup w/kneidlach (EC's cooking task - just the kneidlach) & store-bought frozen kreplach
Peach / white wine chicken
Roasted local red and golden beets (yay, farmers' market!)
Apple kugel
Israeli couscous
Green beans à la - hmm... guess I should decide
Mix brownies (YM's cooking task)
Some kind of... cookie-thing?
Taking two tired, hungry kids to Chocolate Moose on the way home from the no-longer-called-the-BJCC:  bit of a mistake.
Gavriel melted down a bit, lying on his back on the floor tiles in the crowded store.
Not the end of the world, however.  He is very self-conscious, and saves his totally outrageous behaviour for when he's home alone with us. 
Maybe 6 months or so ago, he wouldn't even cry if he thought someone else was watching.  Wish he'd go back to that...
Before the BJCC, we did a quick run to the Lee Valley downtown, to buy:
~ Plastic plant watering spikes, as recommended by Gayla Trail of here. Not as deluxe as my four ceramic "plant nannies," and I was going to buy the Lee Valley plant nanny but it is smaller than the ones I have.  Also, what a ridiculous name:  "Plant Nanny."  Promises way more than just dribbling moisture into a pot of dirt.  I'd accept "Plant Butler", "Plant Personal Assistant."  I guess "Plant Wet Nurse" kind of sums it up, but doesn't really have that "ring".
~ Shoes!  Big clunky blue clogs that will hopefully be less painful to wear than Crocs, which pain drove me to stop wearing pretty much FOREVER last summer (I have made a few exceptions when I have to run outside in a hurry), after almost three years of non-stop Croc wear (even on Shabbos!)
Oy - one long BBQ post later, Naomi's up and I must run!!!


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