Razzzz, part deux: Hairy Berries

(here’s Part One – my hankering, last week!)

razz 001Naomi Rivka: “Did you know that raspberries have hair on them?

They are hairy…berries.  We should call them ‘hairy berries.’”

Mmm… yes, these were as good as they looked! 

They are NEVER this sweet in supermarkets.  Because if you leave them ‘till they’re this sweet, of course, they’re too mushy to ship from who-knows-where.  Even within Ontario; you shouldn’t even toss raspberries into a container if you’re picking them fully ripe; the weight of even a single layer of raspberries on top can crush them. 

I don’t even like supermarket raspberries.

My sister Sara’s term for her preference for fully-ripe, fresh-picked strawberries:  “I’m a snob-berry.”  Well, I’m a razzzz-berry for raspberries.  With a long, wet, tongue-rasping raspberry for any that aren’t super-fresh from my own garden, picked by my very own two hands.


  1. I'm on the verge of raspberries here in my garden, too. CANNOT WAIT!

  2. I must have a different strain, for my berries, when ripe, are much darker red than that. Are yours ever-bearing?

  3. Yup, "ever"bearing, which means one "spring" (so many quotes!) crop on old canes, and one fall crop on new growth. (I just figured this out last week and am looking forward to pruning for the first time ever!)

    I know some razzies are darker, almost like blackberries, a close relative. And then there are golden ones. Wish I had room for every kind!

  4. Your "ever"bearing and mine are different too then, for I get ripe raspberries continuously from mid-July until about October.

  5. p.s. I was RIGHT! They stopped for about a month in mid-August and are about to start bearing again. Here's the second installment:


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