Petunia Seed-Saving Watch continues…

pinching 014In my obsession with all these lovely fragrant petunias, I have been desperately trying to figure out where the seeds come from so I can attempt to bring them back in some form next year.

So I have finally determined for certain that this is where the seeds grow.  This pod is still green, so not ready, but you can see that it’s swollen a bit since a few weeks ago, and I suppose, like other seed pods, it will eventually turn brown and become brittle. 

At which point, the promised “hundreds of seeds” will spill out, ripe for saving & starting again next winter!

(btw, despite this, I am not holding out much hope that they will be lovely and delicious-smelling again next year because most petunias are hybrids and do not come true from seed… it’s worth a try, but I will probably also buy some type of scented heirloom petunias as well)


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