Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Pet Peeve at

Okay, so looking at this little weather-by-icon thingy, you might think tomorrow’s going to be a rainy day, right?


But look at the probability of precipitation at the right-hand side!  30%!

To me (and I’m no Einstein), 30% means it’s probably NOT going to rain.  It’s a cute picture, but it’s basically “here’s the weather we are NOT going to have tomorrow.”

Kind of a tease, if you’re a gardener:  “Need rain?  Plants wilting?  Hey, here’s what the weather would look like if you got your wish!!!”

Also a tease if you’re an eco-conscious laundrywoman:  “Want to toss stuff on the line?  Better not, because look at this picture of what could be coming down on your undies and towels!”  (huh…maybe they’d even catch fire with all that lightning!)

I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but they don’t call it a pet peeve for nothing:  it’s because obsess about it again and again and again, every time you visit the site.

Or at least I do.

Mmm… first caffeine of the day (caffeine is totally messing me up these days, but I can’t stop today because I’m so tired:  what a lousy cycle!).  Fresh hot Bodum Starbucks, stirred with 1 tsp hot choco mix, 1 tsp condensed milk, then poured over coffee ice cubes and topped up with a tiny bit more coffee / condensed milk.  Nice.

moam 001I made 4 cups of coffee and turned the leftovers into cubes for next week’s frapuccipos!  Double-nice:  I feel organized, for a change.

No, baby, don’t feed the comb to the hamsters.  “Moam.”

Every consonant is “M” these days:  “Maim” (=same), “Mum” (=come), “Moam” (=comb).

“You are so tired.”  Hit.  Hit.  Interrupted nap = tired, crabby boy for the rest of the day.  I’m happy he can’t hit hard, but still.  Nummies time!

And I’m still attempting to eat lunch, blog, and get some laundry done.

And then it’s off to the grocery store!