Not a Dilemma

glass 001Okay, as I always (tediously) point out, nothing is a dilemma unless it is a problem which offers two “lemmas” or competing alternatives, of which neither are acceptable.

So this is NOT a dilemma.  But it IS a stuck juice glass, inside another juice glass, of apparently the exact same shape but slightly larger size.  As you can see, there’s some moisture trapped between the glasses, so there’s probably also a vacuum taking place here.

So the question (not dilemma) is – how to separate the glasses without shattering at least one of them.  They’re not particularly valuable (Dollarama:  one was 2/$1 and one was 3/$1), but it’s the principle that counts. 

There OUGHT to be a way to separate these, don’t you think???  Plus, they’re almost brand-new (just bought last weekend), and I’d hate to have to chuck one or both just because they got stuck.

Here are some more views of the glass.  Suggestions welcome via email or in the Comments section below!

 glass 002 glass 003 glass 004


  1. Maybe try heating them gently? If you heat the air between the two glasses it will expand and voila: no more vacuum.


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