Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

‘Maters n’ Taters

First tomato?  This one’s a Sweet 100 – that’s right, I bought a tomato plant, with all the ones I started from seed.   Sigh… until I become a better gardener, I think there will always be temptations in the garden stores.  This one’s pretty tiny still, but it may indeed prove the first one to ripen!

first tomato? 

Here’s an update on all things solanaceae (ie taters and ‘maters):

Hanging up – Chocolate stripes in Vesey’s planter vs Early Tiny in homemade planter.  Some flowers, no fruits forming yet.

hanging tomato hanging tomato 

Other ‘maters:

side door sweet 100 tomatoSide door Sweet 100, another shot, not so close up.

 side door carolina gold tomato Side door Carolina Gold (note kitschy Plant Nanny watering bottle… I bought 4 of these on impulse at Sheridan, and actually think they work pretty well!)

 potatoes tomatoes and strawbs, oh myThe mess at the side door:  taters and maters and strawbs, oh my!

 floppy side door potatoesFor some reason, the potato vines totally drooped this weekend.  They didn’t wilt or bend, just keeled over – too tall?  These ones didn’t snap:  one of the container potatoes did break off.

These pics were taken quickly at dusk:  forgive the lousy light!

 tamina tomatoTamina potato-leaf tomato in a regular planter (with milk bottle for delivering water to roots).

 children's garden Roma and broccoli in sub-i #1Sub-irrigated (self-watering) planter #1 with broccoli and Children’s Garden Roma tomato… not growing quite as fast as I’d like, but coming along!

 early tiny cherry and chocolate pepper in sub-i #1Sub-irrigated planter #2 with Early Tiny Cherry tomato, growing like a weed!  Along with a Sweet Chocolate Sweet pepper from Urban Harvest.