When Naomi was 1, I talked to my doctor about doing lead testing, because of this stupid old house we live in. The doctor eventually got me the requisition, but I never got around to taking it and Naomi in to the lab for a poke.

But now I'm thinking I really ought to have it done, on both little kids this time. But I'm also feeling guilty that it's maybe way too late to do anything if Naomi has been exposed.

I do believe the risk is pretty low. But last Friday at the BJCC, Naomi got stuck doing a 9- or 10-piece Sesame Street puzzle - pretty basic. Like, she totally had no idea which direction each piece was supposed to go in, let alone which spot on the board, even when it was pretty clear from the pictures.

And then I was reading something over the weekend that talked about the connection between lead and kids' learning... (otherwise a totally unrelated book: What the Doctor Didn't Say: The Hidden Truth about Medical Research )

And I was suddenly very disturbed and decided to go ahead and test them.
My dr's office has been open for five hours: ask me if I've done anything about this yet. The thought of pokes for both of them is very daunting... dumb, huh?


  1. I seem to remember from a psych lecture ages ago that once the lead exposure has ended, the child will slowly return to his or her full brain potential. Kids' brains are very elastic - I seriously doubt it's too late for Naomi, if indeed there's a problem at all.

  2. Well, why isn't the Roman Empire still around, then...?
    Reassuring, though - thanks.


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