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lionelslogoNice, easy morning kiddie trip to Lionel’s Farm up in Markham / Stouffville!

I was actually impressed.  It’s a small area, but very well-kept.  The animals seem to be happy and in good condition and the cages are clean.  They encourage you to bring specific foods to offer the animals:  baby carrots, celery, apples cut up and bread.  It was a little more of a shlep than Riverdale farm, but definitely fun a couple of times a year.

(They’re open May through November, but I can’t imagine November being a fun time to stand in a field watching ponies frolic.)

They could use a shaded picnic area; we sat outside of the fence under a tree, which turned out to be private property, so we got booted back to the mostly-too-sunny petting farm area to finish our lunch.

Good selection of animals, including (left) the World’s Ugliest Sheep (four horns?  uchhh!) and (right) the World’s Dumbest Peacock, conducting its elaborate mating display for a couple of disinterested – not to mention ineligible even if they were interested – chicken hens. 

Really; click the sheep to see it bigger.  It is very ugly.

farmday 007 farmday 008 

The kids brought a friend along…and so did I!  (and by kids, I mean human children, though we did see the goat kind, too)

farmday 013 

This was one of the times I’ve been grateful to have our new, big, fat car; everybody fit no problem (saving us from having to drive up in two cars!), plus a reasonable amount of stuff, and I didn’t even need to unload the stroller!  I guess I’d better stop calling it “new” one of these months.


  1. Yep, and a good time was had by all. Thanks again for driving!


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