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Discovery Museum & family programs

Cranky Complaints-Lady does NOT like change!!! Email to the Executive Director of the BJCC:

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Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 5:41 PM
Subject: Discovery Museum & family programs

I'm concerned about the closure of the Jewish Discovery Museum, along with changes to the Friday-morning Shabbat Party program.

We've been coming to the Discovery Museum programs off and on for almost nine years. The museum, as a drop-in Jewish-themed play centre with occasional holiday and Jewish special events, has been an important feature of the BJCC in terms of bringing in families and children who wouldn't otherwise participate in BJCC programs.

For the last six months, we have also participated every week in the Shabbat Party program. For a single membership fee, our family has been able to come every week and join this lively, fun singing and dancing "circle time."

We have all enjoyed the program immensely, however, changes to the pricing structure will likely make it impossible for us to continue participating in this program. From what we've been told, the program will now cost $10 per Friday (for a half-hour circle time, which doesn't even include the Museum drop-in!), or a "pass" may be available which will cost $60 for 7 visits.

That simply isn't affordable to most families, and I suspect the program won't continue for more than a few weeks at those rates.

I'd love to see the Discovery Museum revamped and reinstated in some way in the new building. As I said, I feel the Museum appealed to families whose kids might not otherwise have much contact with the Jewish community, and also offered a venue where parents, Bubbies and others could share Jewish experiences with their kids.

I'd also like you to reconsider the pricing for the Shabbat Party program. We are trying to raise four children on a single, low income, and there are many fun kids' programs available closer to home for free. We've enjoyed the Shabbat Party mostly for its Jewish theme and Jewish/Hebrew content, something I feel the BJCC - as a central focus of the Jewish community - should be committed to offering at an affordable price.

Thanks for listening!