Cranky Complaints-Lady and her Teenage Game-Addict Son

Baaaaaaah... sneaky !#$@^ went out to Shopper's Drug Mart with his mitzvah-boy helping-Bubby money (for tearing up the carpeting for her on Thursday) and bought himself a $25 MasterCard "gift card" in order to subscribe to things online without permission...

I guess we should be thankful it isn't "girl-on-girl action" ...this time. Still. Grrr...

The company has already cheerfully responded that we can cancel our "subscription" any time but NO WAY. ARE. THEY. TAKING. MONEY. FROM. MY. MINOR. SON. without my permission. Besides which, simply cancelling lets him play until the money he's already put in runs out.

The big issue here is openness. If he had talked to me, I honestly believe I would probably have said yes and made it happen. He buys games sometimes; it's not like I don't believe in buying games... what I don't believe in is taking money you've earned, before maasering it (giving 10% to charity), and sneaking off to Shopper's instead of opening a conversation like: "what do you think of this cool idea for me to play games online without spending your money?"


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 2009/7/12
Subject: Unauthorized Subscription
Please be advised that our son, [blob], dob [blob] (14 years old), has created an unauthorized paid subscription to your site.
This has just come to our attention, but I believe it was a fairly recent transaction. I would like the subscription cancelled and the money refunded as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.
Thanks for your help!


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