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Challah rising, the easy way

So this is my latest lazy Friday-morning habit.  When I make the challah Friday morning (sometimes I do it Thursday night, when it gets fridged overnight), I have taken to leaving it in the food processor to rise while we do our Friday-morning things.

erev 006And when I come back, look!  It’s ready to go (in this case, being 5 in the afternoon, it’s a bit more than ready to go…)

I figure this is exactly what a bread machine does… you leave it in the machine for that, so why not with my food processor?   It does stick to the sides a bit, but not as much as you’d think.

And super-easy, with nothing extra to wash – or throw away, as with the extra-large non-zip freezer bags I usually use.

(though I do cut open the freezer bags and reuse them instead of plastic wrap to cover the challahs while they’re rising)