Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What the tags mean

Naomi Orange I’ve been wondering about this phenomenon of multiple blogs.  Like people will have three blogs:  one for their family to read, one about homeschooling, one for their garden, another one completely separate for their knitting projects.  To me, that seems entirely too schizophrenic (literally, split-brained), not to mention too complicated to keep up for long. 

I can definitely see the point of having separate blogs for deeply personal stuff, like infertility or pregnancy or dealing with an illness.  But, otherwise, I’m happy to have a hodgey-podgey mixed-up kind of blog.  People land here for all kinds of reasons (mostly looking for Bee Mops, sadly), and those who are here for the plant-related stuff can feel free to skip the Jewish stuff – and vice-versa.  And you can all skim past the bits where I show pictures of what we had for supper!

So I thought it might be interesting (or not!) to provide a concise and helpful summary of what the tags on my blog are supposed to mean.  Helpful for me, at any rate.  Feel free to skip this post… or refer back to it often!

  • bossy – how-to’s that tell you how to be more like me
  • cheapo – things we do because of our financial constraints, plus it’s fun to save money!
  • coleus – an attempt to separate out coleus-related posts for easy reference
  • compost – an attempt to separate out composting-related posts for easy reference
  • crafts – various crafty things and projects, again, overshadowed a bit by growing stuff
  • daddy – my father died in January:  posts about him, his illness, our last weeks together
  • eco – ecological things that aren’t about growing:  I’m avoiding the overused term “green”
  • family – our immediate and extended family:  get-togethers, gripes and fun, fun, FUN!
  • foodie – a category for food stuff in that has nothing to do with suppers
  • friends – get-togethers, gripes and fun, fun, FUN.  Not much here:  not many friends!
  • growing – plants, garden, stuff:  things growing, indoors & out
  • hanging – things that grow – just not in the ground!
  • happy – things that make me feel, well, happy
  • home betterment – not many posts here; our home isn’t improving with age
  • jew stuff – obscure spiritual and practical things to do with Judaism
  • kids little – the second “set”:  Naomi Rivka (4) and Gavriel Zev (1) (aka “The Littles”)
  • kvetchs – miscellaneous complaints about the world and cranky consumer letters
  • kids big – the first “set”:  Yerachmiel Meir (14) and Elisheva Chaya (13) (aka “The Bigs”)
  • laundry – sometimes, it seems like a full-time job; why shouldn’t it get its own tag???
  • money – or lack thereof
  • new stuff – not many posts here, because we don’t get much:  things that make me happy!
  • nummies – tandem breastfeeding a toddler and baby (and now two toddlers) & weaning
  • outings – places we go as a family, all or part
  • piktchers – photo-only posts, a new category I started for pics I really love
  • reads – ha!  my favourite pastime, and the least-occupied category!  Sad, sad, sad.
  • sad – when I feel down or angry or frustrated with my whole life
  • schooling – a new category I started as we ramp up our learning at home
  • sewing – sewing things and projects, mostly overshadowed by my new garden hobby
  • sfg – an attempt to separate out any and all posts about square foot gardening
  • sick – surprisingly few posts, though it feels like I’m frequently fighting something off
  • sub-i – a new category to separate out posts about self-watering veggies in the garden
  • suppers – what we eat and when:  the original focus of this blog
  • thots – deep, deep thoughts on all subjects in life, ranging from the profound to trivial
  • trash-pickin' – the amazing stuff we can’t believe people throw away
  • travel – mostly our short family trip to Israel; stuff that’s more bigger than outings
  • web toys – websites and programs of interest slash addictiveness
  • winter – wintersowing experiments; leaving seeds and soil to sprout naturally outdoors
  • wishes – things I dream of, yearn for, mostly material stuff we don’t have the money for
  • writing – I’m supposed to be a writer, and not just for this blog… blogging doesn’t pay!