QUICK garden high, garden “low”

Today’s low is the two SNAILS I saw sliming around the back bed.  Three years ago, maybe even two, no self-respecting snail would have found its way into my garden, which was basically a bone-dry, ant-infested sand pit. 

So even though it’s a “low”, and they may even become a nuisance soon enough, it’s a happy, happy thought that my garden is becoming a damp, fertile place where snails and other critters want to make a home.

grad pics 2009-06-17 001

And… for today’s high, I want to focus on the LIME THYME that’s growing in the same back bed, basically engulfing the lovely Sweet William that’s flowering right now.   It was a single 3” or 4” square pot when I bought it…  it’s now an amorphous, spreading mass in a delightful lime colour and fragrance. 

Totally different from lemon thyme, btw.  Citrusy, yes, but more tangy and delicious-scented!

grad pics 2009-06-17 022


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