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Mulch ado about nothing! And… a collection?

It isn’t a professional garden, by any stretch, but a little shredded cedar mulch, none-too-frugally applied (or else it just looks stingy) always looks terrific on the front beds.

They turn out looking all soft and puffy, like real beds.

newly mulched foundation bed with coleus newly mulched foundation bed with coleus 

Here are the three artemisias that make up the collection I seem to have acquired on the back side of the front bed, in my quest for something that will grow low, be silvery, and not be more cerastium (snow in summer).  I love the cerastium, especially in flower, but it is such a cliché. 

cerastium tomentosum (snow in summer) in full bloom! (see?)

At least in this neighbourhood, it’s like everybody has one, it’s just a question of finding where they’ve got it growing.  (but the flowers are lovely, and artemisia won’t give you nice flowers!!!)


So here are my artemisias, each a small mound, just a few inches tall & wide:

silver mound artemisia in front bed

Silver Mound – also an edging cliché but less commonly seen around here.

 Powys Castle artemisia

Powis Castle – grows a bit bigger than I’d like, I think, but this one is a straggly specimen so far (received at my plant swap earlier this year).  Less “moundy” than Silver Mound, and thus maybe not as good as an “edger”.

 silver king artemisia

Silver King – a tall spiky plant, vigourous spreader, but I’m concerned that it’s too spiky in a bed full of vertical, spiky things (daffodil & tulip foliage, irises, lilies).  Maybe best in sunny backyard bed to offset the coarse foliage of sunflowers, coneflowers etc?

As with everything, I will give this little collection my best all summer… and then see who makes it through the winter.

Ted’s working late, Elisheva’s still on her class trip (back at 8:45 tonight) and Naomi’s probably not eating much after her dental stuff this morning, so I figure I’ll do something easy like an omelette with spinach & herbs from the garden!  Wonder if there’s any leftover leek soup from Monday?


Sunday:  Falafel from Tov Li at Mommy’s house

Monday:  Leek soup, tuna patties, rice & veg on the side

Tuesday:  Ted-made fettucine with home-augmented tomato sauce, garlic bread, leftover leek soup, mmm…

Tonight (Wednesday):  Garden omelettes w/leftover garlic bread.