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Lovin’ the June Garden

I once read that it’s easy to love the garden in June… it’s so true.  Everything is so lush, bursting with possibility and first blooms.  August is much, much harder.   Everything is tired, floppy, and you don’t even feel like being outside.

Still, here’s a glimpse at what’s growing here!  Keep in mind that all the names of my beds are highfalutin’ and waaaay overblown.  Given that each “bed” is about four feet by two feet or so.  That said…

Crumbling brick bed:  (the neglected bed where I threw a bunch of stuff I didn’t want!!!)

shady back bed 

Shady woodland bed:

woodland bed 

(relatively) Sunny hillside bed:

sweet william - dianthus barbatus spiderswarm 2009-06-02 011

(dianthus barbatus – sweet william - in bloom)

Back corner bed:

 Centaurea Montana 

(centaurea montana)

Front foundation bed:

Swooping columbine spiderswarm 2009-06-02 026

(swooping columbines ready for their close-up)