Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


Close to tears all day... my mother wants to come to the Island with me & Sara tomorrow.  And I don't even know if I can get on the ferry because that was our place to go with my father:  me with a carriage and baby in backpack, him with the big kids on bikes.  I still have the midway tickets he bought us last year.  AND my mother is not the "going-to-the-Island" parent.  It's nice that she's trying, but the whiny baby in me says she's the WRONG parent, she won't know what to do, she won't do it right, why even bother going.  I don't miss him every day, but BOY do I miss him on the days he's needed.
Maybe we'll go to Riverdale Farm instead.
Naomi's not sleeping, must go corral her back into bed.