How I loved that carriage…


I know it’s irrational, but I felt happy happy happy every time I saw and used this Pliko.  Found in the trash on Ranee Avenue last November; R.I.P.  (not even 6 months later!)

I hope whoever took it really needs a stroller.  I can’t even say it was stolen because I don’t know how far down the driveway the kids left it… somebody might have thought it was being given away.   YM took it out to get library books out of the trunk.  Elisheva spotted it out there and was too lazy to put it back in.  (“I figured he was still getting his books out.”)  (even when he was inside in his pyjamas, brushing teeth, reading books…???)

pliko 002 pliko 001

So sad.

If only I’d sent Ted grocery shopping, he’d have put it back in and everything would have been okay.

While I’m feeling sad:  seen in an obit at Benjamin’s website (I was just looking up Ted’s work number, I promise!):

My beautiful baby boy, so lost an adult. May you find peace. Gone are the demons. I will find you a soft place.

It reminded me so much of Eli.  Ted thinks it might have been a suicide.


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