Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

How cheese-y is that???

 more cheeseycheese 001

Yup.  It’s cheese.

I made it to go with the farmers’-market spinach I bought yesterday at City Hall.  And some tinned tomatoes – it’s an Indian thing.

Also making a potatoes-and-peas curry; oh, wait… just realized that Elisheva might have left me with NO PEAS left.

Maybe a potatoes-and-beans curry.  Potatoes and something, anyway.  I bought a jar of VH korma sauce, and also butter chicken sauce (both with a dairy hechsher, so much for butter chicken).  Just trying to decide which would be most authentic; probably the korma.

Ted’s off work but away volunteering at the Village Shul Golf Classic.  It’s actually longer than a regular workday:  he had to be at shul at 7 and probably won’t get home ‘till 7 (he finishes at 5:30 in Pickering).  It better have been tons o’ fun.

Plus, he’s missing a great supper, if I get off my bottom here and make it!