Facebook Updates…

Since I’m sure you’re fascinated, here are my most recent Facebook updates, since my last blog post about my Facebook updates.  This time, fully-linked!  Yawn, my life is dull and self-referential.

Here, I’ll put the break right below this point HERE so if you’re not fascinated, just don’t click “Read More”!

Thu at 10:28pm:

[yours truly] loves 'em and hates 'em all at once... what a cliché.

June 7 at 4:09pm:

[yours truly] has a new free PLIKO. What an unforgiveable stroller snob I be.

June 5 at 2:42pm:

[yours truly] needs a car stroller - FAST! My idiot children left it out last night and it was stolen. Pliko or Maclaren only; there's no point in anything that will break under 2 kids' weight. Can pay; not a lot. Pweeeeeeeeze???

June 1 at 10:45 pm:

[yours truly] is sponsoring YM & Ted in the Zareinu Moveathon. Help special-needs kids! And get my family out of the house for a day! http://tinyurl.com/teammacleod

May 28 at 12:51pm:

[yours truly] is making milchig challahs!

May 23 at 11:12pm:

[yours truly] could be washing the dishes - or not.

May 20 at 10:28pm:

[yours truly] is goin' to a potluck this Shabbos - yummy!

May 18 at 4:05pm:

[yours truly] hates how Naomi Rivka sneaks up when she wakes up if I'm on the computer... silence except the keyboard tapping, then this inevitable BREATHING in my ear. Gah.

May 17 at 10:45 pm:

[yours truly] hears other people's fireworks in the distance... hope they're fireworks, anyway

May 14 at 10:19pm:

[yours truly] is hosting a plant swap this Sunday, May 17th: need a plant, take a plant, got a plant, share a plant!

May 14 at 4:00pm:

[yours truly] is off to her first marmers' farket of the year!

May 9 at 10:51pm:

[yours truly] is hosting a plant swap next Sunday, May 17th: bring a plant, take a plant, share a plant! Got plant?


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