Desperately Seeking…

Pants!  Real baby pants!

temp_rompers2 temp_rompers1 temp_trousers

I have actually looked in retail stores, Value Village, WalMart (I was desperate!), everywhere… it’s like stretchy baby pants have vanished from the face of the earth.  (love the bell-bottoms on the stripey pair!)

Posted on Freecycle AND Craigslist:

I can't believe they don't make these anymore, but everything in stores is jeans and t-shirts (or denim/non-stretch overalls). I really don't want to dress a baby in jeans, and they don't work well anyway with cloth diapers (no stretch, too tight; they wick like crazy!).
Do you have any good-condition stretchy overalls like the cotton-stretch overalls seen here, or any type of stretchy, rompery type of thing? Looking for sizes 2 and 3.  Most colours except pink are okay... they're for a boy, but I like neutrals.  (okay, no frills, flowers, etc; we're not that open-minded)
Looking for summer or fall. Preferably colourful - baby clothes in stores are also mostly pretty dull colours.

Will pick up within reason at your convenience almost anywhere in the GTA.

Thank you!

I have been thinking a lot lately about this “Gap” phenomenon of cradle-to-grave jeans-wearing.  But I will spare you my tedious thoughts on that at the moment.  Do you have any idea how dull it can be, living inside my head all the time…?


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