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Crown of Thorns Sweet Potato

I don’t know why I’m reminded of a crown of thorns every time I look at this sweet potato.

potto 005When we threw away the grass head that my mother got Naomi for her birthday (it grew beautifully, but eventually its skin got moldy), I  noticed that the glass it was standing  in was perfect for forcing stuff – hyacinths, avocados, or even… sweet potatoes.

This one has been standing in the glass for about three weeks, so it’s definitely a slow process, but it looks like things are definitely picking up and it ought to have leaves soon.

This would work in any glass, but the trick is suspending it over the water, which a bulb-forcing glass (that’s what this is technically called) is perfect for.  You also have to make sure you put it right end up.  Uh-oh… now I forget.

Okay, just checked and the pointy, puckery end goes down!  (sometimes it’s hard to tell)

Also, use an organic one, because the non-organic ones may  have been treated to prevent / delay sprouting.  You can use one that doesn’t have sprouts yet, or one that’s been sitting around for a while and has gotten a bit bumpy.

Dunno what I’m going to do with it when it grows – I tried planting some in the garden last year but they didn’t really take off.