Cranky Complaints Lady Says "I think I CAN-'t"

Follow-up: They replied!

Sent this evening to the hopefully nice folks at Lee Valley:
"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 10:58 PM
Subject: Customer Inquiry: Problem with Haws Watering Can

Last month, I bought what I believe is item #XB910, a Haws plastic watering can (holds approx 5 litres), from your Steeles Ave W store in Toronto.
I don't have much money for gardening, but figured with a new rain barrel, I needed a wonderful watering tool to get me excited about watering the garden.

I have been loving using it - up until today when I found it out back tipped over with the rose broken. The metal "face" seems to have come off, as you can see in the attached photos, and I can't figure out any way to reinsert it into the plastic rose (without hurting myself or bending the face).

Nothing else was damaged on the patio; I'm assuming an animal or the wind knocked it over the wrong way and the face just somehow fell out of the rose.

In any event, the watering can is just about useless now (I've never used the included "teapot" spout). I'm wondering how I'd go about obtaining a replacement rose, and deeply disappointed in what I'd hoped would be a high-quality watering can (backed by Haws' great reputation!) that would last for years (not just weeks).

I anxiously (and hopefully) await your reply.

Yours truly,



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