Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cereal Satisfaction

Here, at last, so you can let your breath out now, is the stunning conclusion to last week’s ever-thrilling Breakfast Cereal Magazine Offer Code Redemption Saga.

I decided to try the code again this morning – almost three weeks after we first tried it. And it worked! Yes!!!! Me, who never wins anything! A mini-subscription (3 issues) to Owl-based Chirp magazine!

Just to prove how little clue the nincompoops at General Mills website department have about how a website is supposed to work (they’ve put all the big brains into breakfast-cereal innovation, I’m sure), this is what they call the “Redeem Confirmation” page.

The Title Bar says “Redeem Confirmation.” The Status Bar says “Done.” And except for a few links in the middle, that’s all the confirmation you get that your code has actually succeeded. (yes, I waited a minute to see if anything else would show up on this page)


Luckily, they followed up with an email with my top-secret Confirmation Number and the reassuring message that “You should receive your reward within 6 - 8 weeks of this
confirmation email.”

January 2010 postscript: nope, it's still not here. Read on for the exciting continuation of the Saga.