Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cat sitting

Hard, hard, hard.  Do I look like somebody who doesn't have enough to do, that I need to spend half an hour corralling somebody else's cats to give them pills?
At first I thought, "she doesn't have anybody else, I guess I have to do it..."
That's why I said yes.
BUT no.  No no no.
(though I can't back out now - she's already out of town)
But it's not true that I have to step in if she doesn't have anybody else.  Maybe it's her responsibility to have an outgoing enough personality that she develops human relationships with the people around her - not just cat relationships with her cats.
Doesn't that sound spiteful?
She's not that good a friend, more on the "acquaintance" level.
Sara said maybe we'll get something out of it in return - babysitting or some other tremendous favour, but I cannot imagine this person ever doing us a favour.
Two cat scratches later, along with two pills, and a dropperful of liquid medication, with my neck - which started the day just aching but is now completely immobilized by pain - I just feel used and annoyed and far too busy to commit this amount of time every single day for a cat.
I feel like crying.
I have no idea when she's coming back.
Honestly, if I had an aged, unhealthy cat, I don't know  how far I'd go to prolong its life.
Maybe not put it to sleep at the first hint of a cancer diagnosis like somebody I know... but maybe.
And if you can't afford a kennel or a proper catsitter, one who's not allergic to cats (like I am, slightly), maybe you shouldn't own cats.
I understand that they're supposed to be therapeutic and all.
But no.  No no no.