Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Two weeks of Facebook status updates

Slow news day, I guess!

36 seconds ago · ·
[yours truly] is in the garden with Naomi Rivka: "is there somewhere I can
Tue 12:51pm · · ·
[yours truly] is itching to plant more stuff. Grow, peas, grow!
May 3 at 11:35pm · ·
[yours truly] thinks the Scholastic Book Fair is the work of the devil.
May 1 at 2:43pm · ·
[yours truly] is doing my father's unveiling, Sunday @ 11:30, Beth Tzedec
cemetery - all welcome, party sandwiches (punch n' pie!) after.
April 29 at 8:57am · ·
[yours truly] has laundry in, baby changed, Naomi settled... calculating the
odds of an uninterrupted breakfast!
April 27 at 4:30pm · ·
[yours truly] is a very dirty girl... but the garden's looking better!
April 24 at 11:32am · ·
[yours truly] hates Vista SO bad... b"h for library computers. And SHABBOS!
April 22 at 8:59am · · ·
[yours truly] asks Toronto friends to PLEASE let me know if they have any
fruit trees in bloom nearby. One more day for Earth Day - the Jewish way!
yours truly] thinks every day is Earth Day. And Mother's Day, too, by the
April 17 at 1:29pm · ·
[yours truly] actually FOUND her purple!!!! And the (schlissel) challah is
made! A gezunten zumer to y'all!
April 16 at 10:08pm · · ·

[yours truly] wishes everyone a good - what, omg, oh-no, again?!? -
April 13 at 10:43pm · ·
[yours truly] asks pathetically if you have seen her purple?
April 12 at 9:37am · ·
[yours truly] wallet wallet WALLET - haven't seen you since Tuesday - come
home, WALLET :-o
April 11 at 11:32pm · ·
[yours truly] is mostly celsius, but still yearns for the lucky 50 degree
temp at which everything begins to grow for real...
April 6 at 7:33pm · ·

[yours truly] is a-plannin' her Pesach menu!!!