Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

The screaming stopped

I think the baby gave up; I really doubt he's sleeping.  The second I clatter a pan, he'll start up again, I'm sure.
With Naomi, it took a "spank", plus taking away Toto and Yomiko for 5 minutes to get her to sleep.  Every time I think I'm just making her nap for my sanity, we have a stretch of days where she misses naps, for whatever reason.
There goes the baby again.  The typing set him off.
Anyway, when we have a stretch of days, or even just one day, where Naomi misses naps, she always winds up weepy, grumpy, horrible to be with.
She still totally needs her nap.  Even if it's just an hour in the afternoon, she really needs it.
Anyway, when I went in after 5 minutes to give her back her friends, she was already fast asleep.
Better go lie the baby down again.  But he won't go back to sleep.