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Goodbye, Microwave: Freecycle Post today

OFFERING one LG white microwave currently not working (currently also quite dirty inside), family size, 800W (LG model # GSC-5008-m).  Have checked the fuse - the problem is NOT the fuse.  Lights up, and when you enter the cook time / setting, it makes a "chunk" noise like it's about to turn on, and then doesn't turn on.  Case is off since we checked the fuse but it's included along with the screws to put it back on.  Anyone want to try to fix it?  Use it, resell it or whatever... just haul it away!

[May 13 postscript:  Nobody ever did express any interest in it.  And now it is still sitting at the curb.  So pathetic.]

[and somebody I know, on seeing the microwave there this morning, said, “do you need a new microwave to replace that one, by any chance?”  Because she  has one we could have for nothing… sigh… ]