Wintersown Seedlings

"First Up" award this year goes to the Black Poppy seeds I bought from La Vie en Rose.
They were sown in a vinegar bottle - which, it turns out, is actually my favourite way to wintersow. Plus, I can reuse the top half of the bottle as a cloche if I want to in future.

Poppy doesn't generally transplant well, but last year, I just took big clumps of it out, with tons of soil, at the 4-leaf stage, and it didn't seem to notice the difference. "Difficult to transplant" sometimes just means "transplant before it becomes established."

Second up, maybe not quite so exciting, are some of the bunching onion seeds. I planted 4 containers of them, and they all seem to have the same kind of action going on.

There has been something growing in the chamomile container for a few weeks, actually, so maybe that would qualify as "first up." I was actually astonished to see it, as it was quite snowy at the time.

However, because there's a big clump of seedlings, directly beneath the vent hole (I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work), I'm inclined to suspect it of being a spontaneous group of weed seedlings. There are no other sprouts anywhere else in that entire container.


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