Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Will I make it?

OK, my voice has been completely GONE for two days now (well, since Friday, but yesterday was worse).
And this afternoon, Sara was terribly sick and couldn't come babysit as we'd planned.
And I freaked out and screamed at Ted about how I hated everybody in this whole family.  I didn't say it so nicely.
Because YM got salsa on a nice clean pair of Elisheva's new socks.  It was his fault for being messy with his salsa, but it was also her fault for not putting them away.
So then I went to Costco.  Costco didn't help.  It is nothing like a soothing retail environment.  I am still jangly from Costco; well, Costco plus Starbucks, maybe that kind of jangly.
But I really must turn over the kitchen sometime.
We really must start the soup before we go to bed tonight.
I have no idea how.