Where are the people?

Cleaning for Pesach, or rather, supposed to be cleaning, but crying self-pityingly on the living room floor...

Where are the people who cannot afford stuff? Who struggle from paycheque to paycheque, not in the sense of things being TIGHT, but in the sense of things being IMPOSSIBLE?

At Rabbi Silver's class, all the ladies seem to ask about their cleaning lady (they call her "the shikse") and what they can have her do to help them get ready for Pesach. Here, I'm the shikse; Ted's the shikse (okay, I know enough Yiddish to know it's shaigetz - but it's not a word I would use anyway). The kids are the shikse.

Ted says that's because it's cheap; maybe $15 an hour for a cleaning lady.
Still, we only have food for Pesach right now because we haven't paid rent in four months. Thanks to my landlord-slash-father dying, I guess. Lucky, lucky me.
Normally, it would be a choice between food, tuition, or cleaning lady.
Yes, even with not paying rent, a tuition cheque bounced last month.

Are we the only poor white trash in the Jewish community? Hunkered down in our a teeny-tiny overpriced bungalow here?
There are sure no others at our shul... or any other I've ever seen.
People struggling to get everybody by on one teeny-tiny income?
The government says this isn't poverty; so, okay, there are people who are worse off.
But in the Jewish community? In the frum world?
Am I the only one without a shikse???

OK, enough wallowing.

Last one of these for a bit, I guess.
This is the "fallback" motzaei Shabbos snack - nachos, salsa, cheese. Mine must be cheddar; Ted's not picky.


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