Speaking of YM...

Thinking about him because his Calgary grandmother emailed asking about his yeshiva plans for next year. Specifically, if the yeshiva has a website. Ha. Internet?

In his mind, at this point, it's final. I am still not so sure...

My big reservation, and the reason I was downplaying this option, was that it would be too intense for him - the kids are pretty black-hat and serious about learning, prayer, etc. All YM sees is that they play hockey big-time (huge gym!) and have a lot of fun in the dorms & in general. He probably suspects he could lower his personal hygiene standards a bit, too.

So he sees it as one big party. I see it as three very very intense years with kids who may or may not be on the same wavelength as he is, hashkafically (in terms of religious outlook).

Of course, they haven't even met with him seriously, farheir'd him (quizzed him on his Talmud study) or even seen any of his past report cards. He accepts it as a given that they will take him. On that, however, I agree... based on the strenuous recommendations of his this-year rosh Yeshiva, anyway.

But then, I am also not sure how we would be expected to pay for this thing. Gaaah. Dorm? Food? Gaah!!!

As for university/college, I have always told both big kids that if and when they know what they want to study-slash-become, they are welcome to find a program that will get them there. I have actively discouraged them from attending university just for its own sake, but rather as a means to a goal. (sez me with my unfocused 3-year philosophy B.A.)

However, I really, really want them to each spend a year learning in Israel before they do anything else.
And you know what? Until this January, they both argued with me every time I brought it up...
YM especially kept saying it was too dangerous.
Now that they have been there in person, they both accept it as a given that they will spend at least a year of their lives in Israel.

That makes me so, so happy.

Oh, totally unrelated:
We may have a lead on a cottage rental sometime in July! Ted has no vacation time left, but 4 stat days he needs to take so we may get out of this city after all. It's an amazing cottage; we had it two years ago, and it was beautiful... cross fingers for us. Not that we believe in crossing stuff, you understand. ;-)
(my mother might pay part if she comes along cuz it's close to the camp where Sara's spending the summer as head baker & she wants to go visit)


<3 J


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