Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

P.S. The horseradish

The fresh local horseradish I mentioned the other day, which my mother grew & provided for our seder, was absolutely PHENOMENAL.
By which I mean - literally - it was a phenomenon.
No exaggeration.
It was absolutely the hottest one I have ever grated.  The air filled with it as I peeled it, and I had to have the door open while grating it.  Even then, I had to run back and forth to the door every few minutes to catch some cool air so I wouldn't pass out.  Very, very hot.  Sara was here - I have a witness!
So I was expecting flames to come out my ears when I tasted it, but just a few hours later at the seder, it still had a lot of zip but had mellowed into the sweetest, most vivid-tasting maror I'd ever had.  We serve it grated, spoooned generously into the rib of a romaine leaf and rolled up, dipped lightly in charoses (apple/wine/nut dip), with the charoses shaken off so it just leaves a sweetish aftertaste.  Everybody who tried it loved it. 
I am now growing my very own top-of-horseradish... maybe it'll grow into something yummy for next year's seder - or two years from now.  My mother says this one was from two years ago; she was scared to pull it out last spring, thinking there wouldn't be enough, or it wouldn't be good, or something.
I should really go to bed but I'm feeling slightly snackish and the nachos I usually have after Shabbos are off-limits this week.  Plus, I'm feeling paranoid that the baby will wake up any second, and not exactly hungry after spending the evening watching him throw up.
Anyway, I'll shut down the computer, I promise.  G'nite!
<3 J