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Planting Marathon Spring 2009

Forget that it's Pesach.  I am really not supposed to be planting.
But otherwise, I'll be behind.  Some of these things are way behind already.
Please?  I'm having a horrible day.

Planting Marathon Spring 2009:
In the Burpee, which was harder to plant up than I hoped, but that's another story, are now planted...
* = Freebie from seed swap or SASE
< = Leftover package from last year
All the rest are new, paid-for packets from this year.
~ Beets, Golden Detroit< x 6
~ Beets, Detroit Red< x 6
~ Melon, Minnesota Midget x 6
~ Watermelon, Sugar Baby Organic* x 6
~ Garlic Bulbils* x 6
~ Garlic Chives* x 6
~ Cucumber, Marketmore* x 6
~ Cucumber, Straight 8< x 6
~ Cosmos, Psyche White x 6
~ Tomato, Amish Paste* x 6
~ Tomato, Tamina< x 6 (this was one of my most reliable last year!)
~ Zinnia, Green Envy x 3 (hopelessly using up packet from lousy eBay seller)
~ Lemon Bee Balm, Monarda Citriodora< x 3
OMG, I'm totally exhausted.  It must be time to fold laundry.
Thank goodness for E.R.  If I didn't have a bazillion old episodes on DVD, I don't know what I'd do.