Pesach Pet Peeve

Yeah, yeah, yeah... what am I doing blogging erev Pesach when there is SOoo much to do???

I'm actually waiting for Elisheva to come back from the dollar store with dish basins - my fleishik one is cracked so badly I cannot use it at all. Like a big hole in the bottom.

So here's my pet peeve: Pesach cereal. In this case, Manischewitz Magic Max's Fruity Magic Cereal. Non-gebrukts, yummy!

BUT - you pay a fortune for this stuff, and there is so little in the box.

Consumer Reports sometimes offers what they call the Black Hole Award to this kind of ridiculous, misleading overpackaging. This would win one for sure.

Here's the outside of the box.

And here's the moisture-proof inner packaging. Quite a bit smaller!

Open that, and you'll see that it's only about 3/4 full of cereal.

And then, just because you have too much time on your hands, you pour the cereal back into the box to see how much of the box is really necessary - and how much is overpackaging.

A heckuva lot, as it turns out.

The cereal came up not quite halfway. Of course, I've never tried this with Rice Krispies or any other mainstream cereal. However, I do suspect it is a bit better... like maybe they'd get so much flak from consumers that they'd have to rethink the packaging. Here, it's a captive market, and who's going to complain for one week out of the year?

Well, me. Here. But nobody reads this, so for now, I guess the Manischewitz empire is safe.


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