Pakod Yifkod - Hashem remembers bnei Yisrael

This is YM's cartoon. Bit of background:

Every Shabbos and Yom Tov, the big kids have to do a dvar Torah (brief
Torah talk) of some sort and my rule is that it must include their
name, the date in Hebrew and English, the name of the holiday or
parsha... and - my favourite part and the most arbitrary - it must be
lovingly hand-illustrated.

Now that we've been doing this for a few years and he has finally
accepted that I will not accept a dvar Torah without an accompanying
illustration (and he is not eligible for dessert without a dvar
Torah), YM always tosses his illustrations out cheerfully but without
much thought at the last minute.

As a result of not being overthought, they always turn out brilliant:
at once spontaneous, witty and wise.

So this cartoon accompanies the following concept at the conclusion of
a one-page dvar Torah he wrote for the last days of Pesach, on the
phrase "Pakod Yifkod" - the "code words" that reminded the Jews in
Mitzrayim (Egypt) that Hashem (God) would eventually get them out of
their situation:

"...even after this whole Yom Tov is over, after we go back to eating
bagels and driving our cars, Hashem will still be there for us. The
message of Pakod Yifkod is that not only will Hashem be there when we
are holy people who deserve redemption, he will always be there, even
if we certainly don't deserve it. We should, of course, always keep
working towards Kedusha, but Hashem will still always be there for us
no matter what happens."

No idea why, but I laughed and laughed when I saw it. "Oh yeah,
them." I love how Hashem is a cloud - no features, just eyes. And
his thought is a cloud, too! And the Jews, well, they are so
stereotypical as to be silly.

Sometimes, I just love this boy to bits. And in between times, I
usually forget why. But it's definitely moments like this.


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