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Mystery Perennials!

I really wish I loved surprises...because my garden has a few for me these days!

Posted this query on YouGrowGirl - sorry the pictures are up top but
if you have any insights, they'd be appreciated!

"This is what I get for wintersowing and losing tags but honestly, I
take better care of my kids than of my garden, so that's the tradeoff.

And now I'm wondering what these four mysteries are who have popped up
this week in my garden. They are probably pretty common perennials,
but I'm a bit of a newbie!

#1 - the beast with many fingers, hiding amidst a gifted patch of
golden creeping Jenny

#2 - frilly thing growing in my strawberry patch... this is year #2
for this; it was wintersown in 07/08, transplanted to a bare spot in
the strawberry patch last spring, and here it is back. I'd love to
know what it is!

#3 - this one has small, thin bluish-greenish furry leaves

#4 - I think it might be Bee Balm? It's in a spot where I wanted Bee
Balm in past, but I thought it died off... any clues for the clueless
would be appreciated!

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