Miscellany sprouting

A very little bit more on what's growing around here. Ted's on his way home for supper (see below!).

The astilbes have come a long way, apparently, since my last update last Tuesday.

Hard to believe there were only 8 seedlings then. Now, there are maybe twenty - I will have to thin them or find a way to separate them a bit...

Sprouting under plastic!

Rainbow chard, sweet peas, and the Crystal Fountain Lobelia that were the teeniest seeds I have ever planted. Really, you don't plant them, just sprinkle and keep moist. They just look like little smears of green right now, but a couple of days ago, they just looked like brown dust, so green smears is a BIG change!

And here, courtesy of one of the worst eBay sellers I have ever dealt with, is my one precious, fragile heliotrope seedling. The peat pellet in behind had what I thought was a seedling, but it must have gone moldy or something because it never turned into anything.

Maybe I'll post my letter to her about why I left negative feedback - something I rarely, rarely do on eBay.

Meanwhile, SUPPER!


Monday - I went out to another animation workshop at the NFB, but left my family with a delicious supper in the form of salmon baked with a pineapple-salsa covering. I made a package of tabouli and left that as a hot side dish, and asked Ted to make a veg - he nuked a tin of creamed corn to go with it all.

Tuesday - Hot dogs! Ted's brother surprised us by dropping in. I had taken both kids to the zoo and I had to run into the Harvey's hamburger place there to get salt for our boiled eggs, and the smell of all that salty meat cooking made me crave hot dogs (no, NOT pregnant, thanks!). So when he called that he was coming over, we had to get MORE hot dogs from my mother's freezer after I'd already run out to buy one package. Luckily, buns come in packs of one dozen. We had them with baked beans and corn. Highly nutritious, I promise.

Yesterday (Wednesday) - first swimming lesson for both Littles, Ted was working late and had his pottery class afterwards, so I admit: Elisheva made macaroni. That was supper. Ted and I had leftover spaghetti, one notch up from macaroni, with tomato sauce and leftover salmon from the other night.

Today (Thursday) - chicken. Some kind of chicken. Don't ask for specifics, because I haven't made the chicken yet, but cooked it will somehow become over the course of the next hour and a half until suppertime. Yikes, and Ted's on his way home early because his sister's in town, staying at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale, and we promised we'd take all the kiddies to go swimming there. Oy, I wish I could just curl up and sleep...

What a lousy week of suppers!
I shall pretend I'm saving all my cooking energy for Pesach next week, okay? You can pretend along with me!


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