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Indoor Lettuce Attempts # 1-3

#1 in a very short series of posts to update on my gardening adventures, despite the fact that most of my adventures these days are Pesach-related. Oh, and I'm sick - do I always get sick the week before Pesach? Worst sore throat I have had in forever and it hurts to turn my head, prompting me to spend yesterday evening looking up every type of meningitis before ultimately realizing that if it was the bad kind of meningitis, I wouldn't have been up and walking around for 2 days. Still, I feel gross.

Inspired by a fellow stay-home mama, I decided both to grow baby lettuce indoors and to use frugal containers to do so!

Here are my first three attempts, planted about a week apart, though you wouldn't really know it because they're growing so sluggishly. They're all different lettuces and I have forgotten to keep track. :-

Good blogger, bad gardener {heretofore to be referred to by the initials GBBG, as opposed to her superior status of BBGG - but at least, we are both Terrific Mommies, or TM}, I guess.

Attempt #1:
Mixed lettuces in a washed-out mushroom tub
(yes, these will be about a mouthful for one person, when mature!)

Attempt #2:
This is a monoculture - maybe an old packet of PC Organics lettuce seed I wanted to test?
Struck by Damping Off last week despite my strict chamomile-tea watering regimen.
BUT! Still growing nicely apart from a few felled seedlings!
These should be edible lettuce in a few years. :-)

Attempt #3:
Another monoculture - black-seed simpson, or maybe that's Attempt #2?
Growing in a hydroponic lettuce container: I still like these despite the Onion Disaster last week.
These guys just sprouted last night and may be edible sometime within our lifetime.