Highs and lows, front yard

Look closely (click for a close-up)... it's the first hosta of the year. WAY ahead of all the others, for some weird reason. Definitely the Garden High this week out front.

Garden low: Squirrels! Digging up every bloody crocus they can get their hands on, and ruining my brand-new EcoLawn in the process! I thought I could be sanguine and figured there were enough crocuses to share but the squirrels live right next door and apparently will not be satisfied until they have rooted out every last one.

Isn't there better stuff they'd prefer to eat???

Old friends returning:

Columbines. Hopefully they won't get all wormy-looking by midsummer again this year.

Ladies' Mantle. Hopefully bigger and better than ever before. It may be a cliché, but this is a gorgeous foliage plant with lovely flowers and it seems virtually unkillable.


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