First tomato - buy, local, yay!

Heard an ad on the radio the other day that Ontario greenhouse produce is IN STORES NOW.
So I checked the labels carefully at Superstore today - don't you think they'd have a big sign up or something?  Even if people don't care about buying local - they could probably sell a couple more if they have a big FRESH!  LOCAL!  sign attached.
So no big sign, but indeed, the tomatoes were local.  Also found cucumbers, tempered by the realization that they were being sold in a 3-pack, reasonably priced at $2.99, but that inside the shrink-wrapped 3-pack, each individual cuke was also individually shrink-wrapped!!!
I wonder if all that shrink-wrapping offsets the carbon value of not transporting them from California or Mexico, or who knows where.
Oh - speaking of Mexico, I also found peppers.  Red, green, yellow.
Now, these are not organic produce, which is a whole 'nother ball of wax.  And organic is not one of my foodie resolutions just yet.  Of course, neither is buying local.  But today it made me happy to think that while the rest of us have to wait up to four months to see peppers, cukes and maters on our own vines, somewhere in Leamington, there's a great big honking greenhouse smelling a lot like fresh, ripe tomatoes. 
They're all going into a salad for one of the yom tov day meals.  Yay, local!  If only my parsley would grow just a bit more, I could toss some of that in, too.
Ooooh... my biggest local news, coming right up as soon as I take a picture!


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