First normal supper after Pesach (tonight)

Well, Thursday night sure doesn't count.
And Friday night was Shabbos (meatballs, spaghetti sauce, homemade rice a roni... easy stuff)

Motzaei Shabbos - nachos, of course, and then major, major 24-hour mystery stomachache for me.

Nothing excretory, you understand (I'm just not quite that open on my blog).
No puking. Goodness, no.
Just crampy stabby tummy pains for 24 hours.
OK, they haven't quite stopped, but I do have an appetite now.

Then, yesterday, Niagara Falls, and I was so sick-slash-doped up (Gravol! I had a nice nap on the grass beside the falls while everybody else went to see the Horseshoe Falls!) by the time we got back that Elisheva made pasta with sauce for everybody and it was apparently delicious, but I didn't have any.

So - tonight!

First normal supper:

Tonight (Monday)
~ Cream of Mushroom Soup from condensed (bought at Tops in New York yesterday, yum)
~ Pizza (ordered from Tov Li today, yum)
~ Salad (ditto)

Sheesh, I feel so lazy...

Hoping to visit our neighbour at the rehab facility where he's been staying. I promised his wife a week ago... I feel terrible that I haven't had a chance to go so far.
And then, my Monday-night class. And then, the rest of the week; hopefully, a week of decent suppers, for a change.


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