Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cranky Complaints-Lady reads the newspaper

The Toronto Star over the weekend featured an article by a food writer named Corey Mintz, who decided to overthrow everything that is wholesome and traditional about Pesach:
Some sample recipes from his "seder":
Karpas (spring greens) w/pork belly:
Maror (bitter herbs) w/raw tuna ceviche:
Zeroa (lamb shank) w/lamb shoulder terrine:
OK, the last two aren't technically verboten, but still.  Ew.
So of course, with a million other things on my plate, I had to write a letter.  As a letter to the editor, I had to keep it brief.  There are references to the original article in here, so I'm afraid if you're curious, you'll have to read that article.  My sincerest apologies - it truly is an awful article.
"Sent: Monday, April 06, 2009 1:11 PM
Subject: Corey Mintz' Seder recipes

It's all well and good to be grateful to have been born in 1970s Canada.  Let's celebrate that 357 days of the year!  And, then, for eight days, let's celebrate something other than me, me, ME.
Mr. Mintz's sophomoric ideas about this holiday bring a shudder to my spine and a taste more bitter than maror to my mouth.  Jewish traditions - even in the light of an open, assimilated society - are what have kept Jews going for so long.  They don't enslave us any more than a paycheque impoverishes us.  The privilege of celebrating a seder is our reward for remaining faithful all these years.
Let's keep the pork belly off the seder plate this year, shall we?  And chag sameach to everyone, including Mr. Grintz - I mean Mintz.
Yours truly,"
Is the Grintz (ie Grinch) / Mintz reference too obscure???
Sigh... doomed to be perpetually misunderstood.
Oy, it's so late.  Only five loads of laundry to fold tonight before I can shove it all aside and find a spot to curl up in bed!