Alright, I really AM going to do it!

These all look WAY too much like grocery bags to overlook, and I was
heartbroken about not having any way to grow potatoes this year.

So here's the plan!

~ One upside-down tomato in my relatively expensive Vesey's hanging
planter ($20)
~ Two (or more?) upside-down tomatoes in fabric grocery bags - the
large black ($1.99) president's choice ones look big enough (the new
$0.99 size are probably too small).
~ Two right-side-up grocery bags, maybe the stiffer-sided recycled
plastic kind (probably also $1.99, from Sobey's or Dominion, okay,
Metro), with potatoes. Bit of compost in the bottom, mound it up as
they grow... perfect! (or am I just gearing up for yet another
tired-potato failure?)

My inspirations, just for comparison:

~ Stiff-sided grocery "potato" bags for £6.99 each - I could make that!:
~ Squishy plastic "tomato" bags for $12.95 (US) each - I could make that!:,default,pd.html?SC=
~ Slippery plastic "potato" bags for $16.49 each - plus shipping!:
~ Another floppy-sided veggie grow-bag from $5 and up (depends on size):

Why pay $10-20 bucks for what looks for all the world like a grocery
bag...? Well, maybe this summer I'll find out by failing miserably
the cheapo way.

Here's an inspirational video from a guy whose entire edibles garden
is in containers, including some - if I recall correctly - hanging
from a tree in grocery bags.

My big challenge is going to be finding places to hang the bags in our
space-challenged backyard (we've had to remove most overhanging tree
branches for the obvious reason that you can't grow veg without
sunlight - despite limited raspberry success in the garage shade).

Home depot has hangy thingies for $20-something. That's a lot to
shell out for a hook, high up in the air. :-o

Maybe hang one or more from brackets attached to the sukkah brackets
or on the bricks themselves somehow? (given that we'll need the
sukkah brackets for Sukkos, which will naturally fall right when the
tomato plants are too big to move!)

Or dare I hang a couple from the tree in the FRONT??? Hmm...


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