Still no mango, still no astilbe...

But lots and lots of Purim Petunias!!! Thirty-two of them moved into Dixie cups and placed lovingly under lights - okay, I admit, I also tucked a flower fertilizer stick into each one... hope it doesn't kill them (they're such small cups :-o).

I also managed to save about nine "spares" - bedraggled Petunias that were growing on the edges of peat pots or even, in a couple of cases, hydroponically in the runoff water between the peat pots. I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away.

Here's my crude countertop light setup. This is in the "spare" kitchen - slash - playroom - slash - junked up trash area downstairs that must MUST must be cleaned up before Pesach. I'm telling myself these Petunias are only temporary.

I did read some stuff about Dixie cups getting moldy... these ones should hold out for the week that I need them here and hopefully a few weeks longer than that until they can go outside into people's gardens.

Anyway, here is the Still No Mango. There really is a seed in there, on a heat mat, under a container cover that fits pretty snugly... the thing is certainly moist enough.

And Still No Astilbe - Ditto. But I realize it can take up to a month to germinate, so back to the windowsill it went.

And drat if one of my eBay seed orders didn't get misdirected to some lady in Wyoming or wherever... it was a small one, though: some more white petunias and some dwarf celosia to surprise my mother.

Still waiting for the biggie order. It's been more than a week: should be here anyday! Yay! Looking forward to wintersowing those and then I've decided that's it! Besides which, we'll probably be done with cold weather for a while... right???

I sent Ted out to buy my special chippie-chips, which buys me more time for one more post here. >:-))) (cue demoniacal laughter)
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