Purim Madness, Part 1

Bet you thought I meant Purim Madness pictures of my children, right? And all the costumes I have been frantically making! Well, costume, but it was Naomi's kangaroo costume, it turned out great, tons of compliments, and I'll show you those pics in a minute!

But first, my personal favourite mitzvah to overdo on Purim... mishloach manos, aka shlach manos aka shalach manos!!!

The theme is "Summertime!" (doesn't this table covered in plastic junk look summery???), and this year's poem goes a bit like this:

Though we have barely started spring
With hopes that sunshine wishes bring
In our home seedlings grew and grew
New flowers sown with thoughts of you
We hope your Purim day’s so sweet
For only simchas we should meet
Light and gladness, joy and honour
That guy Haman – he’s a goner
So let’s kick back with summer fun
Long days of warmth and joy and sun.

So! I decided to work out what the parcels cost on a per-each basis, despite never having used the phrase "per-each basis" before in my life. I mean, why not just say "each"??? Whatever.

This year's parcel contains:

(with deepest, sincerest apologies to those who are not receiving one - oy, I planned for 30 and it ended up that we're sending to 32 absolutely must-send people - rabbis and stuff - with about five more on the list of "boy, I wish we could send to them...")

~ Colourful sturdy bowl (4/$1 = $0.25)
~ Petunia (free from seeds, cost of peat pots, soil and fertilizer sticks negligible)
~ Very sturdy ice-cream scoopy (4/$1.50 = $0.38 - Value Village special!)
~ Lemonade Mix (3/$1.25 = $0.42)
~ Floral Clothespin (8/$1 = $0.12)
~ Sunglasses (10/$3.00 = $0.30)
~ Watergun (8/$3.00) = $0.38)
~ 2 Homemade Hamentaschen (1 prune, 1 pumpkin) (cost negligible when divided)
~ attractive note with poem (see below)
~ in a clear Plastic freezer bag (had them already for a long time, so pretty much free)

So if my math is right, the total cost per package is about $1.85 each... oh, wow, is that ever cheap!!! I sure hope all those chashuva rabbonim (important rabbis) appreciate their nice, new fake sunglasses and petunias... 'cuz our family's cheesiness knows no bounds!! :-))))
And here they all are... wrapped up and ready to deliver! (well, okay, this is only about 1/2)


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