Poor sick baby

Gavriel Zev surprised everybody - most of all, himself! - by vomiting after supper last night. He went to bed but woke up vomiting a couple of hours later, so here I am cuddling him. I made Ted take this first picture because he so rarely allows himself to show weakness by resting his head on me the way he was.

I took the second one myself and I actually think it's one of the more adorable pictures of him. His hair looks angelic, not completely ratty, for a change.

And now, of course, twelve hours later, he's sitting in his highchair eating crackers and mushy-mushy and - if not completely content just yet - seems vastly recovered and less feverish than he was.

Supper tonight (Thursday):

Veggie stew with biscuits. I aspire to make the stew rich and hearty... okay, meaty.
So I have started already by roasting the veggies low and slow in the oven... who knows how it'll go from here.

Other suppers this week:

Monday (after the megillah):
~ Superstore chicken (gotta get at least one a week, right!?!?)
~ Tinned potatoes roasted
~ Leftover Shabbos soup

Tuesday (Purim, just my mother and us - my sisters couldn't get away):
~ Fresh Bread
~ Zucchini/veg puree soup
~ Lasagna

Wednesday (last night, Ted & YM were out):
~ Leftover bread
~ Leftover lasagna
~ Tetra-Pak soup

Question from the highchair in the background: "Is Dora Jewish?" I am quite enjoying having a 4-year-old again!


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