Naomi keeps asking

... "how come you haven't moved the flower???"

This is my hanging wall-o-kitsch version of tracking the months of our Jewish year, and because I was in a hurry to set it up, we've been marking each month with a tacky dollar-store rose held up with a clothespin. And every rosh chodesh (new month), we move the rose along to the next month.

Here you can see the rose, in suspended animation, between Shvat and Nisan. This month has seemed way longer than most, and she asks me every day now why it's still Adar. I think maybe because her birthday feels like it was a long time ago now.

I printed photos of everybody in our family and taped them on the appropriate month, so she can start looking forward to the birthdays, and see how the year kind of goes together.

The illustrations for the months themselves were downloaded from But for whatever reason, their PDF template didn't come with an Av (I guess because it's in the summertime when kids don't have school?). So I did have to make one month up by myself.

Also, I printed the template illustrations but then watercoloured them myself, so I do get some credit. And "laminated" in plastic. And stuck on the birthday pictures. And the rose. :-)

Along with our daily weather indicator, our weekly parsha "study" and a few Yom Tov worksheets I make up for her as the mood strikes me, this is about as far as we've progressed towards any formal homeschooling curriculum. It is definitely early still. But I'm scared about what happens when all her friends are in kindergarten in the fall and she's stuck behind with the babies.
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