Happy Birthday to the Rony Pony Baby!

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  For some reason, this cute but nondescript entry has become one of my most popular posts of all time.  I have no idea why.  It’s certainly not typical of this blog.  So if you think this is weird and random, click here to get to the REAL excitement.

Before we get to the Purim Madness, here is my Rony Pony Baby on her 4th birthday last night!

On a frugal note, we calculated that we can use this "4" about a zillion times before it burns all the way down: Mommy turns {blankety}-4 in July (cuz she's a lady, I won't say the first digit!), then Ted turns forty-{blank} in August, then in December, Elisheva will turn {blank}-teen (oops, I guess that one's a giveaway), and then, finally... ME, turning just plain {blankety}.

And if that's not enough to burn it out, we'll need it every year thereafter for both me and Ted. Oh, and Sara will be {blankety}-4 in a couple of years also. Not the same {blankety} as our mother, of course.

Anyway, not to distract attention from the Centre of Attention herself, again, here she is!

Purim Madness pics comin' right up!!!

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