Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Easy cheap 4-year-old girl b-day present (for Naomi Rivka, who is 4)!!!

Well, I had an inspiration on Thursday at Value Village when I found a pair of mint-condition Size 10 ballet shoes.

I tried them on her this evening (I covered her head with a pair of jammie trousers and made her promise not to peek!!!) to make sure they fit, and they do... so her present is... a BALLET OUTFIT.

We are hoping, well, I am kind of hoping, that despite my feeble first steps towards making her kangaroo costume (that's what she said she wanted to be), she will be so blown away by this BALLET OUTFIT that she will want to wear it for Purim also.

Ted said there's a good chance of that, but maybe he was just saying that to be nice. He is very nice, and also the only regular reader of this blog, so I must keep him a little bit happy.

So the costume / present comprises (ha ha ha - that is the correct use of "comprises", so no emailing me to complain!):

~ Ballet shoes ($2, Value Village)
~ Fancy glittery tulle dance skirt ($7.50 scrap of glittery tulle, WalMart, evil, yes, I know)
~ Leotard, short-sleeve black, enhanced by me with custom tulle "frills" on sleeves (Note to world: "Leotard" is never pluralized, "leotard" is the stretchy bodysuit worn by dancers. "Tights" are the long pink things that go on their legs... tights are never called "leotards" and, again, "leotard" is never pluralized unless you have a bunch of them hanging on a rack. End of rant.) ($9, WalMart, okay, still evil)
~ Tulle-enhanced hairband (in the pics the glue holding the tulle on is drying so there are clothespins attached - those will come off before the final Gifting Ceremony) (hairbands: $5, WalMart)
~ Last-minute addition to use up the tulle: Tulle headpiece, long, that can be worn either in front as a bridal thingy or in back as a dancy thing or wherever just for fun.

Two hairbands - how fun! Here's the longer one, also held together with clothespins so the glue can dry.

I hope she loves this set as much as I have come to in the last two hours that I've been working on it...

The skirt itself was super-easy on the serger, by the way. It's basically fabric folded over and a waistband sewn around the outside top with an elastic threaded through on the inside.

Hard to describe - easy to make, I promise!

Oh - I never added up the prices of everything... but basically, I threw in a piece of elastic I already had, so for just over $20, I have what I think / hope is a really nice gift... plus three spare hairbands. :-)))
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