Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cried a bit and then...

... in the car on the way home, decided I had an article in me that wanted to be written.
Nothing big, nothing deep, nothing (I swear) about Daddy.
So I came home and wrote it.
Yes, let me say that again.
I wrote an article.
I put that bit small because I don't want to jinx it.  And then, just to cap off the evening, I submitted it.  Not telling where.
I had to make up a 2-sentence bio to stick at the end of the article.  So instead of my usual modest mumble-mumble, I stuck this bold proposition, which has also since become, in part, part of my blog header:

"[me] a four-year-breastfeeding "Yiddishe supermama" of four who writes unswervingly, cooks tenaciously, parents attachedly, gardens (semi-?) naturally and navigates unfalteringly through the moments between the Kodak ones.  Her writing has appeared in Today's Parent, Big Apple Parent,, Lilith Magazine, and on countless notes to teachers apologizing for late trip money or missing school supplies."

Modest, no!  But true, true, true, every word of it.  It is always amazing to me that I have written so much and have so little, ultimately, to show for it.  There are so many words out there... I would love it if more of them could be mine.
I think, if nothing else, I'm good at words.
I'm good at spelling.
Again, one last time:
I wrote an article.